lost & found

We’ve all been there: night out with the mates, having a beer, chatting with mates, having a good one, and waking up the next morning to find out that the jacket and the bag with the notes is missing…and that you can’t seem to find the shoes either!

 When something similar happens to you in Gromka, check out the Lost & Found section on Gromka’s website or go to Gromka immediately the next day, from 10pm onwards, and ask the crew about the whereabouts of the stuff you’ve lost. Gromka’s new lost&found department is going to carefully store all the found items for at least a month after they are found for your convenience!

After the one month, the found items are going to be donated to the clothes market in the Mizzart gallery. A final word of warning: DO NOT GO LOSING STUFF!

We don't care who you are, or what ethnic, religious or other identity status you represent, we are all red on the inside. However, if you come to Gromka and show no respect to the people (fellow visi...
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