nedelja, 19. november 2006

22:00 - Twotonebinas
ARGIES (punk, Argentina) + PARAZITI P13 (punk, SLO)

The name "Argies" is the pejorative apocope for "argentine", expression extensively used by the English soldiers during the war in Malvinas Islands in 1982. Even though their musical root is the British punk from the seventies (read The Clash), with tendencies to ska, reggae, Latin Music and good part of Rock and roll. Its lyric has a testimonial style and, nowadays, turning to a deeper search into the inside of human ethic. The difference between Argies and another rock band, they aren´t a typical band with all fixed members. Argies is working like a cooperative of independent musicians. Every member come in the band, playing until his personal and free decision, helping to create a cultural movement across the years. Today David -singer and guitarist- he still in the band since the first moment, keeping the leader voice, also he is author for a big part of music and lyric. Argies is: David: Vox + guitar Hooli: guitar + vox German: bass + chorus Pizzin: drums + chorus Some bands with Argies on stage: Since Argies has been many years on the stage, it is not easy to determine the exact number of concerts they offered. With Die Toten Hosen in six shows: three in Argentina and three in Austria in 2002. Argies played too with GBH, TV Smith (ex-Adverts), Last Resort, The Exploited, Poison Idea, The Slackers, MDC (Millons Dead Cops), Anti Nowhere League, The Vibrators, The Lurkers, Total Chaos, Disorder, Conflict, US Bombs, Against Me!, Turbo AC's, Attila the Stockbroker, Terrorgruppe, No Respect, Klasse Kriminale, Die Lokalmatadore, Church of Confidence, Los Fastidios, Sick on the bus, Guitar Gangsters, Skaos, The Bones, Mad Sin, Aurora, Konflikt, NVU, Bambix, Eastern Standard Time, Skarface, Red Union, MCD, Distemper, FermA­n Muguruza (ex Kortatu), etc.

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