Saturday, 18. October 2008

21:00 - R.A.F.A.L.

LOS DOLARES (Venezuela)

[b]Los Dolares[eb] - legendarni anarhopunk iz Venezuele.
...NEVER FORGET ..."Because we haven´t got this far to be silent, that silence which is accomplice of the genocide that forced us to emigrate. Because we didn´t came across the ocean to forget the misery and the hunger caused by the capitalist system. We won´t forget our dead and we won´t learn to be silent. Now that we lost it all, the only thing we have is to fight.
Because we won´t believe in their fake promises of well-being, while they close the borders to the humans, and they open them to business, the misery of our countries contributes to their high standard of living. We know who are the murderers and our hate will end up with them. We won´t conform with small reforms, and they won´t quench our thirst for freedom. We won´t forget where we come from in order to arrive where our dreams are. We won´t forget our dead and we won´t learn to be silent. Now that we lost it all, the only thing we have is to fight."


Nemci [b]Hellborn Messiah[eb] igrajo mešanico crusta in death metala, ki jo dopolnjujejo grinderski vložki in občasni težki in počasni deli.


Trojica [b]ELectrozombies[eb] prihajajo iz ?ila. Oldschool stoner/doom bend... "We live in a consumist society, where we constantly "devour" each other due to political, economical and social systems. . . . modern man is a slave of electricity.. . . . and finally, zombies are slow and putrid just as our music."


[b]Hijos del Pueblo[eb] je glasbeno politični projekt crust-grind zvoka, ki ga sestavljajo člani bendov Homo Homini Lupus, Frekvencija in Nulla Osta. Zamisel za projekt se je rodila v zečetku leta 2007 kot ideja o bendu, kateremu je namenjena vloga instrumenta anarhistično/socialno angažirane propagande, daleč od slepega razumevanja in sprejemanja ideologije, sprašujoč se o lastnih željah in stališčih…


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