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21:00 - KiborgSpužva Büking

Most people do not know this, but Vincent van Gogh wasn't only a famous 60's b-movie star, he could also see into the future. He predicted this show and the precognition itself was so loud that it tore off his ear. His ear now lives in central London and enjoys long walks on the beach and has two sons. The third one died in a tragic breastfeeding accident.

JUCIFER (USA) – doom/sludge/grind/loud

1993, a disant and long-forgotten land. A child with a forged birth-certificate is home alone. His mom is out getting drunk and his dad went out to get some cigarettes in 1985. The child had no toys so he played with things he found at home. His mom didn't approve of this since he used-up the batteries in her 'vibrating snake'. Anyway, this time, his eyes fixated on the blender. It was a big-ass motherfucker in which he threw the usual stuff you can find in a rural kitchen. A bunch of massive speakers, whiskey, beards, the apocalypse, madness, a chopper and Cthulhu's tentacles. As he turned the blender on, light shone upon it. From it an entity arose. It looked at the child. The child was frightened and stuttered at the entity:
'M.. m... my name... is... Clitorio...'
A voice rumbled in response:
'you may call me... JUCIFER!'
And the universe collapsed.

VOID OF SLEEP (ITA) -  sludge/stoner rock

Little Red Riding Hood was a fraud. She was a criminal and a slut. She fucked The Bloods for crack and that's where she got her name from. People said that that she had no positive attributes. She looked like a traffic accident between two Cannibal Corpse albums, her personality was like raping an abortion and she dressed like an used tampon.

She died very young (also in a tragic breastfeeding accident) and she went to heaven. But how come? Wasn't she concentrated constant PMS covered in shit? She should be burning in hell! Well, maybe. But there was a diamond hidden inside the stench. She liked Void of Sleep. Her only positive attribute but no one was aware of this and so she died alone.

THE CANYON OBSERVER (SLO) -  post/sludge/noise

An ordinary family. Mother, father, son, daughter, two cats a dog and a junkie. A small house in the suburbs. Father was a successful stockbroker and a wrestler. He provided for the family. Mother was a housewife. Their children, clones from ancient deities. The slave, bought from Walmart. He was a nice guy and held the family together. Their pets, just figments of their imaginations because they all had severe mental issues of which I dare not speak.

They gathered around the table for the dinner. A prayer escaped their lips. Everything was calm. That is something I would say if I'd lie. It wasn't calm because a train had fallen on their table. Did it fall through the roof? No, it didn't because there was no roof. It was just torn off. Everything rumbled.

One of the walls has crashed down and crushed the mother. Once a woman, now just a speck of blood and organs on the floor. Father wanted to scream, but he couldn't. The neighbors goat crashed in through the window and pierced his throat. Instead of his voice only blood came through his mouth. The children tried to run away in panic but their run wasn't long. The slave wanted to hide in the basement, but the contents of the table plunged into him with great force. The knives and forks pierced his body. He was dead before he fell to the ground. The children screamed in panic. They wanted to run away but before they reached the exit they were eaten by pterodactyls.

The news said that the house was ravaged by a severe storm. But that was not true. The neighbors were listening to The Canyon Observer. Except for the pterodactyls. They were true and would eat the children nonetheless.


Po koncertu pade še afterparty v Gromki. Vrtel se bo Kyuss, Motörhead, Tool, Zeppeline, Faith no More in podobn neposlušljiv šodr. Bo glasn. Bo grozn.

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