četrtek, 23. oktober 2014

20:00 - Koncert

 Within Destruction
Within Destruction is a death metal band from Slovenia formed in 2010.Our music is a combination of shredding death metal riffs, groundbreaking deathcore rhythms with fast, evil black metal melodies and blast beats. In 2012 we recorded our debut album "From the Depths" which was released by NoiseHeadRecords later that same year.
We are currently focusing on creating new material for
our 2nd album.

Horns of Hattin
Horns of Hattin is a Vienna, Austria-based Extreme Metal band formed in Fall 2007 by former members of Vargsriket, Final Aphorism, Cryosphere, Avathar and Seeds of Sorrow. The band takes its name from the Battle of Hattin, one of bloodiest episodes to occur during the Crusades in the area between present-day Jerusalem and Damascus. 
Musically, Horns of Hattin combine Epic Metal, symphonic Black Metal, classic Heavy Metal and Death Metal influences. Authentic symphonic passages lend an extra tension to the complex story-telling structure of each song. This mixing of diverse styles has served them well, and the band has earned a reputation as a flexible live act whose style is diverse enough to have landed them offers for national and international support gigs with Mayhem, Enslaved, Dornenreich, Shining and Asmodeus.

Dethrone The Corrupted
Dethrone The Corrupted is a melodic death metal band from Visole, Slovenia. The band was founded in late 2012 by Beno Meglič, Žiga Pristovnik, Janez Sluga, Rok Lorger and Ali Berglez. Their music is expressing their concepts about the world, the system, the mind, the alter ego and the demons that hunt the human soul. Recently they released their EP with 2 songs titled Open Your Mind and Psychological Warfare. But there are many authentic songs residing in their bag of tricks waiting to be released.

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