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Kino Klub iNVISIBLE predstavlja:

rezija: Carlos Saura
Spanija 1995, spanski jezik brez podnapisov (monolog-uvod samo na zacetku!)

Nastopajo: La Paquera de Jerez,Merche Esmeralda,Manolo Sanlucar,Joaquin Cortes,Manuel Moneo,Agujeta,Mario Maya,Paco Toronjo,Antonio Toscano,Fernanda de Utrera,Jose Meneses,Maria Pages,Enrique Morente,Jose Merce,Manuela Carrasco in drugi...

Vsebina in predstavitev filma (v ang.)

Flamenco by Carlos Saura, the documentary film that has become flamenco's principal messenger around the globe, contains performances by the greatest flamenco artists in recent memory: Joaqin Cortes, Farruco, Paco de Lucia, Fernanda de Utrera, Mario Maya, Agujetas, Enrique Morente...

"The idea was to make a documentary film with no storyline, no gimmicks, just to put together the best artists from the genre: contemporary artists and old-timers, the orthodox and the not-so-orthodox, classical flamenco and the flamenco of the future, different approaches, palos, combinations, etc. all had to be faithfully portrayed in our project." Carlos Saura

The movie presents a fascinating tour of flamenco in all its facets, in the capable hands of its elite cast. The action kicks off with the tremendous voice of La Paquera de Jerez, the crowd of eager onlookers huddled around her egging her on, including El Torta and Moraito Chico, among others. Then Merche Esmeralda dances 'por guajiras', and Manolo Sanlucar plays alegrias accompanied by vocalist Diego Carrasco. After that, Joaquin Cortes dances an unforgettable farruca, which is followed by a martinete featuring Manuel Moneo and Agujetas, while Mario Maya shows his skills.
Then it's back to full-tilt with a group performance of fandangos de Huelva led by Paco Toronjo; after him come Fernanda de Utrera with a soleA!, Maria Pages and Jose Menese with a petenera, and Enrique Morente and Canizares with a seguiriya. And from the duos, we move on to the family clans: there's Manuel Carrasco, Jose Merce and Moraito, and then there's Farruco, Farruquito and Chocolate. The taranta performed by Carmen Linares and Rafael Riqueni is followed by a showdown 'por tangos' between Remedios Amaya, Juana la del Revuelo and Aurora Vargas. Next, come popular Jerez carols at the hands of La Macanita, the legendary â€~mariposilla’ by Lole and Manuel, the cantinas with Matilde Coral in her traditional bata de cola flamenco dress, her students in tow... Flamenco guitar makes a reappearance at the end of the movie, with Paco de Lucia and his septet, with Tomatito and a historic line-up comprising Duquende, Potito, Belen Maya and Joaquin Grilo. And the film winds up in an up-tempo and modern key, with two champions of 'nuevo flamenco': Manzanita and Ketama.

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