četrtek, 24. april 2003

23:00 - Defonija
gutbucket (NYC)

trash rock / hyperactive funk / noir-ish Latin / out jazz
[b]Ken Thomson[eb] - altovski saksofon
[b]Ty Citerman[eb] - električna kitara
[b]Eric Rockwin[eb] - pokončen električen bas
[b]Paul Chuffo[eb] - bobni

This will be the jazz your parents warn you NOT to play or see ... [L][EL]
[b]gutbucket[eb] leads New York's newest generation of genre-destroyers. Re-writing the rules and wreaking joyful havoc, they create an unorthodox music beyond category. They released their debut full-length CD "InsomniacsDream" on Knitting Factory Records November 13, 2001. gutbucket is fearlessly devoted to unique, pushy melodies, high-energy rhythms and improvisational adventures. Their vast repertoire courses through playful circular movement, elastic time twists and rapid-fire banter. They contrast sweet Latin rhythms with punk rock ferocity in "Don't Fall on Dirty Mary", flowing melodies with angular shape-shifting in "Being Questioned about Iran Contra While Eating French Onion Soup", and hypnotic loops with screaming antics in their platinum hit "Rock 'n Roll". Their music is an impolite round table discussion of jazz/punk/funk/rock/20th century classical/Afro-Cuban/polka/free-blowing mayhem. And to really understand what this band is all about, you've got to catch them live. They’ve slam danced upside-down, performed glow-in-the-dark, posed as the Muppet Band, showered their audience with toast, slap-boxed with string quartets, and re-scored their favorite cartoon movies with a side order of pizza.
[i]Knitting Factory[ei]

Thanks to the engaging harmolodics of Ornette Coleman and the intense
rhythms of Afro-Cuban music, Ken Thomson discovered new exciting ways to
express jazz improvisation in his group Gutbucket. Gutbucket, which
consisted of Thomson (sax), Ty Citerman (guitar), Eric Rockwin (bass), and
Paul Chuffo (drums), celebrated the release of its debut CD, InsomniacsDream
(Gut Records), - available at [L][EL] - in 2000. Devoted to soft melodies as much as high-energy rhythms, Gutbucket coursed through the
playful circular movement and rapid-fire banter of "Insects" and the sweet,
laid-back Latin rhythms and melodies of "Don't Fall on Dirty Mary" to the quiet, dreamy spaces of "Ornette's Computer People" and the slow, bluesy
shuffle and screaming antics of "Rock 'n' Roll."

Gutbucket formed in 1999 when three of its members decided to leave their
former band, the nine-piece soul-jazz group called Ex Caminos. All three
graduated from Columbia University in fields ranging from music theory and
history (Thomson) to psychology (Citerman) to English literature (Chuffo),
and they were looking for someone to join them in a tighter-knit band.
That's when a friend of theirs introduced them to bassist Eric Rockwin, who
had just graduated with a degree in music from N.Y.U. The band debuted to a
packed house at Baby Jupiter in April 1999 in New York City. A live
broadcast over WFMU two months later solidified a following for the group,
which later performed at the Knitting Factory, Wetlands, CB's 313 Gallery,
and at the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival and CMJ Music Marathon in New York
City. Gutbucket continued to explore its eclectic interests in music, which
ranged from jazz and hip-hop to Afro-Cuban music, '70s soul, indie rock, and
20th century classical music.
[i]All Music Guide[ei]

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