četrtek, 2. december 2004

22:00 - Twotonebinas
INERDZIA (streetpunk/hc, Italija) + predskupina

Koncert bo zastonj za obiskovalce koncerta The Toasters, 1.12. v Gali Hali, ter 600 sit za ostale.


Inerdzia formed in spring 1995 as "Nerdz" since all the members of the original line up used glasses and they were foolish students. Later this name will be turned in "Inerdzia" since the name "Nerdz" was no more suitable with the themes treated in the lyrics of the songs that during the years became more serious speaking about social problems such as the fight against racism, against hard drugs, against institutions and about many other problems that everyone who doesn't feel himself part of this society has to fight daily.

Since the beginning the band has always played lots of live concerts and this brought Inerdzia to cross Italy from the Alps to Sicily several times and to play even in France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Slovak Republic, Austria, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia performing often with international bands such as The Business, Total Chaos, Infraktion, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, U.K.Subs, Red London, Brigada Flores Magon, D.O.A., Leatherface, etc. as well as italians Derozer, Angeli, Reazione, Klasse Kriminale, Senza Sicura and many more.

In these years Inerdzia recorded two albums ("Tu Puoi" - 1999 and "Never Mind The Borders" - 2001), the second of which is a split album shared with the swedish band Da Skywalkers, and two 7" ("Cattivi Pensieri" - 2003 and "No mercy, asshole." - 2004). Moreover they took part in many compilations.

Between september 2001 and march 2003 all the members from Inerdzia played even in Los Fastidios. With this band they recorded an album (Guardo Avanti) and two videos ("Rabbia Dentro il Cuore" and "Animal Liberation") and they played more than 100 shows in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Norway, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Yugoslavia and Hungary.

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