Tuesday, 25. January 2005

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Kino-klub iNVISIBLE predstavlja:

Prvenec enega od najznamenitejsih kamermanov, Christopherja Doyla.

(predvsem po njegovem sodelovanju z Wong Kar-Waijem in Zhang Yimoujem):

[b]San tiao ren (Away with Words)[eb]

Hong Kong, Japonska, Singapur 1999, 90 min,

jeziki: anglescina, japonscina, kantonscina; podnapisi: angleski

rezija: Christopher Doyle

scenarij: Tony Rayns, Christopher Doyle

igrajo: Kevin Sherlock, Mavis Xu Mei-Jing, Tadanobu Asano, Georgina Hobson,

O filmu (v angl.):

1. This directorial debut from Wong Kar-Wai's long time director of photography and collaborator Christopher Doyle represents some of the best cinematography in world cinema today. Its rich and brilliant colors drown the film in a sort of cinematic ecstasy, unwinding in a carousel fashion of atmosphere and environment, not only as background, but as characters, objects and moving poetry that can only be found in the hands of the man who photographed "Chungking Express," and "Fallen Angels." - J. D. Nguyen (http://www.kfccinema.com/reviews/drama/awaywithwords/awaywithwords.html, kjer si lahko preberete vec o filmu)

2. Everyone's first film is always considered to be personal. As a result, most directors' first feature often showcases inexperience, fear or tentativeness. But it also reveal spontaneity and talent (or lack of it). When the director happens to be an acclaimed cinematographer like Chris Doyle, things are even more difficult. Anybody familiar with Wong Kar-Wai's films certainly knows who Doyle is and what he's famous for. He has worked with some of the finest directors in the business (plus Eric Kot), and won several awards in Hong Kong and elsewhere. He's also a famous photographer (especially in Japan, where Away With Words made a good financial return) and has acted in a few films, most notably Peter Chan's Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Takashi Miike's Andromedia. What's interesting is not Doyle the cinematographer, but instead Doyle the man. Beyond the quality of this film, Away With Words is as good a chance as we'll ever get to see what's really going on in Doyle's mind. –Lunasea, http://www.lovehkfilm.com/panasia/away_with_words.htm, kjer si lahko preberete vec o filmu…)

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