torek, 22. februar 2005

22:00 - Projekcija

režija: Tony Gatlif
Španija 2000, 90', ang.podnapisi
flamenco thriller

Antonio Canales, the main actor, plays Caco, the head of one family that is the object of another's revenge. His brother is in hiding, in Morocco, and now his retarded teenage nephew may be in danger.

It is director Tony Gatlif's not-always-seamless merging of drama, singing and dance, set in the birthplace of flamenco, Andalusia. Gatlif is the director of "Latcho Drom," a global survey of Gypsy culture that in the mid- '90s attracted the attention of moviegoers with an interest in world music.

This time Gatlif has added a story of revenge to flamenco sequences that seem to rise out of the unforgiving Spanish landscape. It is a tale of blood feuds among people who also have dance in their blood.


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