ponedeljek, 28. maj 2007

21:00 - R.A.F.A.L.

[b]After The Massacre[eb] ... the horrific sound of the system as it crushes our heads in its deadly vice, the bloody stains left on the hands of the powerfull few, the systematic slaughter of thoes who dont go along with there plans, the burning corpse on the battle field, watching it all collapse around us, living under a constant state of fear, the sound of an army as it marches into the next ruined nation, the limbless child on another disease infested hostpital ward, the disturbing screams of the dying, flags on coffins filled with the poor, body bags overflowing onto the streets, the constant mental pressure of modern life, the buzz of a flickering tv screen, mobile phones nailed to peoples heads, epidemics created for population control, a crucifix in the arse, rapist monsters let loose on our streets, supermarket consumer hell, the existence of man and the utter destruction it leaves behind it, a giant coffin lid shut tight and nailed down forever, no way out, no fucking escape from the fucking war machine. waiting for the state to murder us whilst we sleep.

[b]TNT[eb] - grind/crust legende

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