Tuesday, 17. July 2007

00:00 - Festival FRoots
FRoots 2007

13.00 – 17.00

Artists working on location:
Yingmei Duan (Germany/China), Mile Tasic (Serbia), Klasina Wieringa (The Netherlands), Marloes Wagemaker (The Netherlands), Remko Schultheiss (The Netherlands)
Musicians working on location: Pan Project (The Netherlands)

Performers working on location:
STR-Sympatic Theater Radioactivists (Serbia), Crown Troupe Of Africa (Nigeria)


Film: about street music from Istanbul (Turkey)

Band: Pan Project (The Netherlands)

DJ-Set: Slovenski Dutch Soundclash featuring DJ Tito & DJ Yewul â€oWorld warming Beatâ€? (Slovenia/The Netherlands)


FRoots Participants 2007


[b]Zivatar Utca[eb], band from Vienna (Austria). play with drums, flute, accordion with effects and a singer.

[b]Pan Project[eb], band from Utrecht (The Netherlands), "We would love to work and perform (every evening?) on a semi permanent basis with our foursome and - groupwise as well as individually- with other artists (any discipline) and musicians. How deep, long and far those cooperations will extend depends upon the mutual empathy. Whether they will lead to evening performances will depend upon the same."

[b]The Orange Strips[eb], band from Croatia, they play Indie/Rock/Pop

[b]Velahvale[eb], band from Sarajevo (Bosnia Hercegovina), they play Trip Hop/Down Tempo/Break Beat

[b]Keepthechange[eb], band from Ljubljana (Slovenia), They play Punk/Rock

[b]MCLaren[eb], band from Ljubljana (Slovenia), they play an Un-plugged gig

[b]Samo Kodela[eb], singer songwriter from Ptuj (Slovenia). Plays his own songs, songs by Kreslin, and Led Zeppelin. He has a large vocal range,accompanied by guitar

[b]Get The Fact[eb], band from Ljubljana (Slovenia). They play Punk/Rock


[b]STR-Street Theater Radioactivists[eb] from Belgrade (Serbia) (also known as Simpatichni Teatarski Radioaktivisti, Sobna Teatarska radnja, Samostalna Teatarsko-trgovacka radionica...) who are working on searching the little pieces of reality and packing them into colorful candy packagings. Their aim is to make you laugh and then to get stucked in your throat. Sympatic Theater Radioactivists are: Marina Cetkovic, Iva Brdar, Jelena Gavrilovic, Jakov Munizaba

[b]Crown Troupe Of Africa[eb], dance theatre from Lagos (Nigeria), a multicultural, contemporary theatre group based in Nigeria, we have been in the field of arts for the past 10 years and we have toom part in several workshops and competitions home and abroad.

[b]Fashion show it is the time[eb] : Beno,Ziva,Dino, from Ljubljana (Slovenia)


[b]Mile Tasic[eb], artist from Subotica (Serbia: At the Festival I would like to painting, to make some exibiton, maybe performans, and another project.

[b][Yingmei Duan[eb], artist from Braunschweig (Germany/China):I would like very much to develop my concept during the festival.

[b]Klasina Wieringa[eb], artist from Utrecht (The Netherlands), I am a painter, I paint on wood and I use all the materials I can find in the place I work.

[b]Marloes Wagemaker[eb], artist from Breda (The Netherlands)
Remko Schultheiss, artist from Breda (The Netherlands)


[b]Andraz Sumrada[eb], filmer from Ljubljana (Slovenia)In one word : When i die, i want to be burried there... Before that have my movie projected (probably more to come).

[b]Igor Godina[eb], filmer from Ljubljana (Slovenia)

[b]Veberveber[eb], filmer from Ljubljana (Slovenia)


[b]Soullesscrew[eb] (Gregor Mohar), DJ â€oDrum’n’bassâ€?, from Ljubljana (Slovenia),well the first thing i wanna do as a DJ obviously is entertain the people listening, be it a easy vibe in the daytime, or a night time dance floor smasher. I am hoping to contribute something to the festival and meet people with common intrests from other parts of the word for exchagin experiences and views. Lovin international projects

[b]Sunneh[eb] (Sanel Buljubasic), DJ â€oDrum’n’bassâ€?, from Ljubljana (Slovenia), As a DJ and producer in Soulless crew i would like to provide from oldest to newest drumnbass beats known today and simply bring a nice atmosphere to the people

[b]Live act: Scinesofuse[eb], from Ljubljana (Slovenia)

[b]Roots In Session/Radyoyo[eb], DJ-Set from Ljubljana (Slovenia), with Dancehall/ Reggae/Roots...

[b]Slovenski Dutch Soundclash[eb], [i]DJ Tito[ei] from Lubljana (Slovenia) & [i]DJ Yewul[ei] from Utrecht (The Netherlands), bringing â€oWorld warming Beatâ€?.

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