četrtek, 4. september 2008

22:00 - Klubski večer
BALKANISTAN (electronic gipsy & brass music)

SID DATA (vienna - ost club resident)
DJ JASHAROV (sinkronics crew)
DJ TITO (koromandija)
HARIS PILTON (gipsy drum'n'brass)

SID DATA (vienna/austria)

Hippiechild from vienna, son of drummer and discoqueen, record collector, resident in Ost club (Vienna), Ost Club1 & 2 CD relese selector,

He's selectin' balkan grooves and latin street sounds, klezmer spirit & arabic drums, turks melody & greek wild dances, italian ska in amore to russian soul.
He's too old for sweat but young enough to dance on his heands.

DJ JASHAROV (slovenia/england)
Matija Jasarov, born in 1983, started learning piano at the tender age of six. After he finished music school he played bass guitar in three different bands until he moved to England two years later to attend the ACM music academy. Once abroad, he switched to blues, but only 'till he became a member of a pop-rock group That band. Gigs over the UK followed while he focused his studies on music production and started a songwriting career at the same time. Accompanied by my drummer Timmy Ray they have done some DJing gigs on private parties. Through audition they have been admitted into the d'n'b band Dust 21, where he played bass guitar. The group had gigs round London as well as Slovenia, Holland... His focus on production brought him back home to get together a focus on my career and gained experience writing music for films, dance performances, adverts and web pages, as well as writing hit tunes with no success of getting good vocals for them. While in Slovenia, he met dj Chili and joined the group Sinkronics, where he is currently involved in LIVE DJing and production.

On Balkanistan night he's going to present his gipsy – balkan drum'n'bass song called ZAJEDNICA REMIX.


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