sobota, 10. oktober 2009

20:00 - Predstava

Downtown New York performer and poet Eric Dean Scott improvises with the deviant coll(V)isions of sound designer and media artist Nova DeViator (Luka Prinčič) as they  chase each other down a trail of dreams, mystic poetry, jazz recollection (and loss), through sudden soundscape shifts and random acts of performative madness and South American border towns of the mind – taking themselves (and you) on a race for the River along the razor's edge…past shore, past time, past place....where they (we) (YOU!) find allselves in bordertown. (again. yes.)

"Let's get lost." {DING!}

about the artists

ERIC DEAN SCOTT has been working as a performer, poet, playwright and director in downtown NYC for over decade.  His original piece tales from bordertown (vol. II) was awarded Best Production, undergroundzero festival 2008 (NYC) and has been performed at Klub Gromka, Metelkova (Ljubljana).  Selected credits: This Place Is A Desert (UTR Festival/Public Theater); Women Dreamt Horses (P.S.122.); Battle of Black and Dogs (Ohio Theatre); The Magnificent Cuckold; Horse Country (HERE), Distortion Taco; and Hot Keys.  EDS trained at the Experimental Theater Wing in New York City.

LUKA PRIN?I? aka Nova deViator is a musician, sound designer and media artist, whose work focuses on personally reflexive and socially critical use of new technologies within contemporary audio-visual contexts and is based on hacker ethics and DIY strategies. Currently, he is most interested in the intersection of subjectivity, techno-science, net culture, performance, AV-media and sound.

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