Thursday, 29. April 2004

22:00 - Defonija
THE SAME GIRL (Velika Britanija, vica) + TILT

[b]The Same Girl[eb]
[b]Nicolas Field[eb] - bobni, tolkala
[b]Gilles Aubry[eb] - laptop
[b]Tomaž Grom[eb] - kontrabas, računalnik, "live electronics", ozvočeni objekti
[b]G. Tao Vrhovec Sambolec[eb] - drobna zvočila, računalnik (Max/msp), procesiran v živo
[b]The Same Girl & TILT[eb]

Before discovering a common interest in improvised music, Nicolas Field and Gilles Aubry met up during the summer of 1995 as they were trying to seduce the same girl. The story ended up in an intense and fruitful musical collaboration.

First of all with "Dipsa" including Dirk Bruinsma (saxes) and Bjornar Habbestad (flutes) in 2001-2002, where they played in Switzerland and Holland. In 2003 they played some concerts in Amsterdam with Norwegian guitarist John Hegre (Jazzkammer) and American electronicist Jaime Fennelly (psi) in 2003.

The concert played at the AudioArt Festival 2003 in Krakow (Poland) stated the beginning of their duo work, characterised by an instinctive approach and a strong complicity. By contrast as well as by mixture of sounds, Gilles Aubry and Nicolas Field try to capture and surprise by immerging themselves completely in the energy of the moment.

They will be performing on the AMR festival in Geneva on the 1st of April, followed by a short tour in Switzerland and France.

[b]Nicolas Field[eb] (UK)

... is a drummer, improviser that also works with electronics from London, UK. Based in Amsterdam, where he did part of his studies, he has taken part in a wide variety of projects from contemporary music to jazz and improvised to electronic music for dance performances. Current projects include: PhA´ (a trio with Morten Olsen as a second drummer and Bjornar Habbestad on "over-amplified"
flute and electronics). PhA´ has been collaborating with singer/performer Didi Bruckmayr (Fuckhead & Wipeout) for concerts in France, Austria, Holland and Norway over the last year and a half. As a trio they recorded an album in January that is currently being mixed and further plans are to record with Didi also.

Since he has been in Amsterdam Nicolas has done solo performances with drums, movement sensors and live electronics, solo shows with end of LP's and electronics, was a founding member of "Kresna" an ensemble for contemporary music with live-electronics, Performed a version of Pierre Boulez's "Dialogue de l'ombre double" for bass clarinet with Carlos Galvez, worked with dance on pieces by: Sami Klemola, David Lakein, Fant de Kanter and Merlijn Twalfhoven, was a member of bassist Andrew Bergman's modern jazz trio "Meaty Snack",
Collaborated with "Office-R" on the "TI project" as part of their residency in Steim, doing Markov chain text processing and sound processing. Other collaborators include in random order: Antoine Chessex (sax), Jesse Dulman (tuba), Steve Buchanan (guitar, tap dance), Alex Babel (percussion), Amos Elmaliah (computer), FredA©ric Morel (guitar), Olaf Rupp (guitar), Marko Košnik (video)

[b]Gilles Aubry[eb] (CH)

As a composer specialized in computer music, Gilles Aubry has been commissioned to write pieces for concerts, cinema, dance and theater.

His most recent works include Project (2002) for computer, ensemble & electronic tap dancing, Paranovela (2003), a computer composition for cinema performance, FLOW (2002-3), an information art performance together with artist Ulrike Gabriel, SILICONATA (2003) a generative score for improvisation, TRAFIC (2003), a site specific sound installation and Almost Still (2003), a suite of generative compositions.

As an experimental musician and improviser, Gilles Aubry has been playing and recording widely troughout Europe and the USA. Over the years, he has developed a unique style of realtime improvisation with computer. He collaborated with artists such as Axel Doerner, John Hegre, Jaime Fennelly, Olaf Rupp, Klaus Philip, Boris Hauf, Leon Francioli, Steve Buchannan, Bertrand Denzler, Dirk Bruinsma, Eric Truffaz, Riccardo Dal Fra, Rachied Ali and Perry Robinson.

His current bands are: MONNO, Swift Machine, the FLOW ensemble, ACRES, FIELD/AUBRY DUO and his computer solo project Almost Still.

Since 2002, Gilles Aubry is part of the programming crew of LLOOPP, a collection of MAX/MSP patches for realtime improvisation & composition.

He is leading the label & organisation Sound Implant.

He is giving workshops about realtime improvisation with computer and

contact: syhapa@mail.ljudmila.org
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