torek, 6. junij 2017

15:00 - Omizje
SPACES OF PRODUCTION: Making public domain in the city

Concepts such as “urban” and “public” are viewed from an expanded perspective: how is urban space subdivided by politics? By what mechanisms and under what conditions is a public sphere created and what exactly becomes “public”?
How do artists and citizens use urban space for public activities (squads, interventions)? How do inhabitants and artists contribute to the analysis and understanding of the planned space (city planning, corporate investment, gentrification) and how can they contribute in making space public? How do citizens and politics react to artistic actions in open space?
Introduction of the theme: Aidan Cerar, urban sociologist, Slovenia
Introduction to the discussion by moderator: Tjaša Pureber, Slovenia
  • Tile Vos, Het Bos, Belgium
  • Benjamin Vandewalle, artist, Belgium
  • Evi Swinnen, Time Lab, Belgium
  • Tommy De Nys, Les Atelies Claus, Belgium
  • Jadranka Plut, Mreža Association, Metelkova City, Slovenia
  • Marijana Dragosavljević, Cultural Centre Magacin, Serbia
  • ROG Center Ljubljana?
  • U. P. Inde, Koper

Organization of the event: Bunker Ljubljana & Balkan Express

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