torek, 6. december 2005

23:00 - Hripav glas
IRA ET DECESSUS (fast & screaming HC, Baskija)

Coming from the recently evicted more than historic squat of Buenawista,Ira et Decessus was formed in 1989 as a trio, after some gigs they turned into a quartet of energic and furious music, a mixed of metal and HC with no complex when they have to mixed all their influences (lots and really
different), having their songs always social lyrics and some more personal ones.

During their existence they had some line-up changes (not too many) and they have play in lots of self-managed (and not) places over the Basque geography, X-pain and some places in Europe also.

They have never been really prolific releasing material, the last stuff they have out are two ep's shared with their friends of Amoniako 87 and Nor Jainkoa Bezala (both bands are sadly split-up) both released through Cooperaccion Rcds. In the beginning of 2006 Power It Up records from Germanyis going to release their split LP with the grinders Looking
For An Answer.
Nowadays they are working in their first album "Militantes de la vida" (Militants of life) which was expected to be released trough Difusion Libertaria La Idea.

Also in the beginning of 2006 a cd will be released by 4 labels, it will have their demos, unpublished stuff, live material, etc., it's title "No queremos la paz de l@s fuertes… queremos la victoria de las personas desposeA­das" (We don't want the peace of the strong… we want the victory of the deprived)

Their music during the years is turned more aggressive and nowadays they play something that most of the people calls fast & screaming HC.

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